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Planning for MS abroad? Edbud is probably all you need!

How? EdBud a community of current as well as ex-masters students along with experinced foreign education consultants to help you get the best possible experience as you plan your future, apply for universities and go there to study!

But how would they help me? Ask them questions, read their answers and expert comments on other's doubts, and to top it, they'll provide you with latest Samples of Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendations, Articles, Tips & Tricks as well as News from across the world. And that's not it, we're coming with much more!

So as a user I can't answer a question or write a post? EdBud doesn't allow all users (potential students) to answer questions or write articles to maintain authenticity, quality and trust. Only verified experts (who actually have enough knowledge and experience) can post answers and other stuff. This also prevents spam and irrevalent stuff in the portal.

Think you're an expert? Mail us: info@myevlive.com


So who are the 'Experts'? Experts are users who register with us as an 'EdBud Expert', showing their proof of experience in the industry, admits from universities and valid id proof. After analysis of their, profile, they are allowed to create an Expert acount and post in our portal.


And what're these posts? Well any article, news, tips & tricks, sample SOP, LOR is a post. The experts keep on posting new stuff in there categories so you always have the best and latest knowledge. The topic of theses posts include GRE preparation, TOEFL preparation, Profile evaluation, university selection, university information, country information, visa informatioon and other general 

How to use it in the android app?

In our EdBud android application, you can view the posts after registering and going to the 'posts' tab. You can filter posts in different categories and sort them by date, likes and views from the top bar.


Got a doubt? Ask our experts! Q&A is a portal for your queries about your program, university, state or country! 

Just go to the 'Q&A' tab, click on the button floating at the bottom right and ask your doubt. We'll notify you as soon as someone answers it!

Don't wanna post? Read other's queries and expert comments on it! All queries and answers are made public for you to read and understand. 'Q&A' tab has it all!


So is there no way to talk or have discussions with my peers? There is!

You can join discussions on various topics from GRE to Visa preparations and discuss things with other users on our platform. The message button on the android app will take you to discussions. Then you can tap the floating button on the bottom right to start joining discussions. Caution: Discussion is only among the users and experts ar not a part of any discussions. So do not trust everyone is such discussion.


Other Services:

A lot of other services  are coming up just for you. Until then, enjoy EdBud.